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Missing Catfish

This will depend upon what type of hook and how you rig your bait. For instance, if you are using a 5 to 6 inch shad and hooking it through the eyes, perhaps the fish doesnt have it all in his mouth for the hook to be set. You might want to go to a shorter bait by cutting the shad in half and putting on both as so when you do set the hook, the hook will explode the bait so it comes loose and it will set in its mouth.

We all miss fish and be honest with yourself. It happens. There are many more reasons why that leaves us at times just scratching our heads and wondering. It can be anywhere from our hook set as how hard to even the type of line we are using. Mono line for instance has the stretch elasticity that you do have to set the hook much harder than you do the “cable fiber” types like Power Pro. This could also have to do with the size and type of your poles. Fast tips, you have to set harder than you do with the Heavy rods.

What type of rigs are you using. Slip sinkers that the line will slide through or 3 ways where you have to account for the weigh in the hook set. The actual type and design of the hook should be considered. Are you using a single, double/ Tuna hook as they are called or a treble hook. Does the hook tip point in or out like the circle normally points in that a hard hook set will normally just pull the hook out of the mouth. Are the hooks off set like a kahle that will spin into the flesh. Are your hooks sharp or out of the box?

Current also has something to do with it. Are you fishing directly behind the boat or at an angle in the current where you might have to take up some slack in the lines. Drag set on your reels can have something to do with it. Are you using the primary or secondary clickers as your primary drags should be set at about the line strength and your secondarys perhaps just to hold in the current.

The actual hooking of the various baits. It is too big, no probably not as you can use a stinger hook if necessary. Are you hooking through the thick skin of a flying carp or the back bone as the bait then will stick to your hook better. Do you take the shell off your shrimp or let the tip of the hook go through the shell or not?

These are just a few of the excuses and problems that could happen as there are many more. Know your equipment and the capabilities of each component. It is pretty much common sense for most and then again.. Some cats just will not get hooked no matter what. They are out there dinking at it and just eating the gut sacks when you have it hooked through the eyes will show just how picky they can be depending on how hungry they really are vs the type of hit you will get. So don’t get frustrated. Perhaps the solution is simple as you definitely do not want to loose your confidence as then everything appears to start going wrong.

Vince Copple


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