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Now that Catfishing is a Sport, we have to understand the various types of the Catfish weather it be Channels, Blues or Flatheads. They will all act different not only depending on water conditions, habitats, and or feeding patterns, but also their size. Learning how to target certain Species and Sizes is a key factor to the success of Tournament fishing. You just don’t go out there to catch fish in general or the biggest one you can get in most cases. Do you want to spend your time catching a few larger blues or limit out with 8 pounders for example? Most States, you can cull them out so keep that in mind also. You need to know what you are going after and then factor in the probability rate of the bodies of water you will be fishing on. The size you are fishing for will then determine what type of tackle, poles and bait that you take with you. .

Once you start to get a grasp of that concept, then you have to understand the baits. Bait is one of the most important factors. What will it take to entice that 60 pound Blue to bite? Or a 50 pound Flathead? What type of scent or amino acid will it take being blood, guts, brains or oils? What type of live bait fish, fresh kill or cut bait will it take? Do you want the bait to look natural or in distress? Or do you use crawdads, leaches or even eels? How do you then hook the bait for the presentation to the Catfish? These are just a few of the factors that we have to further understand.

The basis of "in the boat" Catfish is your tackle. Know what each pole will do and the type of reel that you can use. This will depend upon the various types and size of line. The various type and brand of line all have their unique pros and cons. Same goes with the size and types of hooks. You are not going to be using a 12/0 circle for dink channels for example. Use common sense and do learn your various hooks and sizes. Know the various rigs that you can use. Do you want the bait on the bottom or suspended. Do you use a 6, 12, 18 inch leader or a 24? What size and type of swivel will work? This will factor in the type and size of your weights depending on the water depth and current. Be prepared to use very large weights in the deeper holes. Various rigs are important also. You certainly do not want to throw a 3 way with a roll sinker directly into a log jam. You are just asking to get snagged up.

So take these concepts as you start to build your knowledge if you are a serious about catching fish Open your mind to accept new ideas and concepts as you stumble along the learning curve. Use whatever you feel comfortable and confident with but don’t be afraid to try something new. There is much more to our Sport of Catfishing than just a jar of dip bait and a cane pole.
Good luck and See ya on the Water!

Vince Copple
July 2, 2007

Adventure Sports Outdoors
"The Voice of the American Sportsman"

August Edition


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