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Some think there is luck involved in the Sport of Catfishing. Then again there are many that do not believe in it. There are many other aspects play into your fishing experience rather you are just out there to have fun or fishing at the World Cup. Here are just a few general aspects to know no matter what your level is..
Work or Play? Some think the harder they work at fishing, the more they catch. I prefer thinking it as Play instead of work. You sometimes tend to play harder than you would at work anyhow..
Confidence.. You need to try to keep an upbeat attitude out there on the water. From running your boat on the bigger rivers and having the confidence to run over those barge waves to knowing where to find fish. It takes years sometimes to become confident in your fishing routine. Start with the smaller ones and get to where you can target them, then work yourself up in the size categories. Keeping a good confident attitude does play a major part of your fishing.
Doing your research. There are many aspects to prefishing either for a tournament or just going out there to have a good time. From looking at river maps to actually out there running the river and finding the holes. Read as much as you can on not only the place you will be fishing at that time and also factor in the weather for that time period.
Know your tackle and equipment well. Know how your various poles will perform with given line weights. This then will depend on the type of weights and hooks that you will use. Play around with them and get confident in what you use. The factors that will then go into this is water depth and current speed. Rather it is a medium weight pole with 6 pound test going for dinks with dipbait to the larger heavy weight poles for the Trophys.
Know your boats capabilities and how to maneuver it in certain situations. Believe me, you will get instant feed back when your partner is up in front throwing the net if you gas it too much in reverse! Learn how to set your anchor or anchors to put your boat in just that right spot for a spread of poles. There are many anchors out there, so learn how each one works in the various type of bottoms on the water.
Practice, practice, practice… You can never spend enough time on the water. Confidence comes into play when you know you can throw that rig and hit a 5 gallon bucket anywhere you want. The bucket or target might be a few inches above a log jam to in between barges so the weight will then roll down under neigh of it. Know when to set the hook only comes from practice and knowing your types of hooks for example.
Know how to adapt to changes. River change constantly first of all. Fish will change patterns from being on the bottom in deep holes to hanging out on ledges. Learn the different aspects of fishing when the river is rising and going down. Take several baits with you and have an open mind to change until you find out what they are biting on. Don’t be afraid to adapt to the situation from your normal routine as taking a few calculated chances just might pay off.
This now is where your mental preparation all comes into play. Don’t get frustrated and keep a positive attitude to prevent negative situations from distracting yourself. Don’t think about other outside situations that might have an impact on your life as this will distract you. Your out there to fish and have a good time. So focus on your fishing. Keep a positive outlook on life and you will find everything will go much better.
Enjoy yourself out there fishing is the main thing. You are not fishing in tournaments where time is essential to and catching fish for the scales. There shouldn’t be any pressure out there. Take time to smell the roses of having your first boat or first catfish pole. Enjoy learning how to use them and the various techniques for catching catfish. Catfishing is a Sport now, so cherish every moment with your friends and family out there. Live every minute like it was your last as you will have memories that will last a life time of each experience out there fishing..

Vince Copple
June 23, 2007

July 2007 Edition of
Adventure Sports Outdoors
"The Voice of the American Sportsman"

Special thanks to Harry & Cathy Canterbury


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