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MO Lakes

Bull Shoals Lake

45,500 acres - Bass, small mouth bass, trout - Completed 1951 - 1,050 miles of shoreline, In Ozark hills, 16,400 acres on the Missouri side

Completed in 1951, Bull Shoals Lake is 45,500 acres with 740 miles of shoreline. The lake is on Missouri-Arkansas state line, with 16,400 acres on the Missouri side. With the crystal clear waters of Bull Shoals Lake, lighter line is the best to use. 6 to 8 pound test is common. 10 to 12 pound test is the maximum. In the midst of the Ozark Hills this lake is part of the White River chain of lakes. There are 19 parks around the lake that offers camping, boat ramps and public beaches. Lodging is available at numerous resorts and the surrounding Missouri communities of Forsyth, Gainesville, Isabella, Pontiac and Theodosia in Taney and Ozark County.


Public Access Areas

Beaver Creek Park - From Kissee Mills MO. 2.5 mile to Route O - Camping - Launch Ramp

Highway K Park - Kirbyville MO. go 1.1 miles east on State Highway 76 then 3.7 miles southwest Highway K - NO Camping - Launch

Pontiac Park - US Highway 160 4.7 miles south on State Highway 5 then 7.3 miles southwest to Pontiac on Highway .2 - Camping - Launch Ramp

River Run Park - Near Forsyth MO. go East across bridge Then West Camping & Launch Ramp.

Spring Creek Park - Isabella MO take Junction US 160 then 4.2 miles South on Highway H H - No Camping - Launch Ramp

Theodosia Park - From Isabella MO. 3 miles west on Highway 60 cross bridge then south - Camping - Launch Ramp


Clearwater Lake

1,630 Acres - Crappie, bass catfish - Completed 1948, 172 miles of shoreline, Steep shoreline

The Dam is located on the Black River at river 257.4 mile marker. Five miles southwest of Piedmont, in Wayne County the majority of the Lake is in Reynolds County Missouri. There are 898 square miles of drainage area above the dam. Construction of the outlet works was initiated in May 1940 and was completed in March 1942; but due to work stoppage during World War II. The overall project was not completed until September 1948. Surface area of the lake at the top of flood-control pool is 10,350 acres. A top of the conservation pool is 1,600 acres. Shoreline length miles a top of the flood-control pool is 172 miles. A top of the conservation pool is 127 miles. Fishing noted for Bass, Crappie and Catfish.

Public Access Areas

Bluff View Highway 49 To AA - Camping - 1 Boat Ramp in Reynolds County.

Webb Creek Area From Ellington take Highway 21 to H in to Web Creek Area. Camping - 1 Boat Ramp - In Reynolds County

Piedmont Park Area Highway 49 through Piedmont to Highway 34 to H H pass River Road Area to Piedmont Park - Camping - 2 Boat Ramp in Reynolds County

River Road Highway 49 through Piedmont to Highway 34 to H H Camping - 1 boat Ramp


Lake of the Ozarks

61,000 acres- Largemouth bass, crappie, white bass, stripers, catfish - Completed 1931, Largest of Missouri Lakes, 92 miles long, 1,375 miles of shoreline, In the Ozark hills

Completed in 1931 the largest lake in Missouri. With 61,000 acres and 1,375 miles of shoreline, the lake is 92 miles long. This lake is noted for good fishing, with many species include White and Black Bass, Catfish, Spoonbill Catfish and Crappie. The Lake is host to numerous fishing tournaments and is an all-around family vacationland in the Ozark hills. With shopping, dining, music shows and outdoor fun. The Lake's areas are Little Niangua Arm, Niangua Arm, Osage Arm, Gravois Arm, Grand Glaze Arm, Horse Shoe Bend, North Shore, Shawnee Bend, Turkey Bend, Linn Creek. Which offers sailing, boating, skiing, swimming and other water fun. Lodging is available at over 200 resorts, from rustic too luxurious. There are plenty of campsites too, including those at Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Lakeside and area towns -- Camdenton, Eldon, Gravois Mills, Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, Sunrise Beach, and others. This lake stretches out, for the four counties of Camden, Benton, Morgan and Miller.

Public Access Areas

Brown Bend Access 3.5 miles west of Climax Springs on Highway 7, then 4 miles north on highway DD, then 4.5 miles on highway FF then 2 miles FF-14 ( gravel) to Boat Ramp In Camdenton County. Niangua Arm Access 4 miles west of Camdenton on Highway 54 then 2.5 miles down Highway AA and1 mile down County Road AA-101D to Boat Ramp and Fishing Jetty In Camdenton County.

Shawnee Bend Access Highway F to Highway T T About 5 miles to Boat Ramp & Fishing Dock In Camdenton County.

Coffman Beach Access West of Eldon on Highway 52 to Highway Y turn on Lake Road Y19 to Boat Ramp & Fishing Dock In Morgan County

Gravois Mills Access On Highway 5 near the town Gravois Mills watch for signs - Boat Ramp - In Morgan County.

Bagnell Dam Access Just past the Osage River Bridge on Highway 54 Exit Left about .3 miles down access road two Boat Ramps in Miller County

Public Beach #1 Access Highway 54 to Highway134/42 stay on 134 thru State Park to Boat Ramp In Camden County

Grand Glaize Beach / Pa He Tsi Access Area (Formerly Public Beach #2) Highway 54 to State Park Road Two Boat Ramps In Camden County


Lake Pomme de Terre

7.820 acres - Bass, crappie, muskie - Impounded 1960 113 miles of shoreline.

Impounded in 1960 this 7,820 acre lake with 113 miles of shoreline at this Army Corps of Engineers lake is popular for Muskellunge (muskie) fishing. Also Bass and Crappie fishing, boating, skiing, and other fun also draw many visitors. Hills around the lake are covered with oak - hickory forest and cedar glades, and the Missouri Department of Conservation manages 4,019 acres here for wildlife. Along the lake's shores are 10 public-use areas, including a state park, with beaches, boat ramps, camping areas, marinas and other visitor facilities. A number of family resorts offer lakeside amenities. Other lodging is available in nearby towns such as Hermitage and Wheatland. The lake is in Hickory & Polk Counties With its natural beauty, Pomme de Terre is "Great" for outdoors enthusiasts.

Public Access

Outlet Park - Boat Ramp - Highway 254 East to Park. In Hickory County

Wheatland Park - Boat Ramp - From Elkton highway 83 North to Highway 254 East to 205 South. In Hickory County.

Lightfoot Landing - Boat Ramp - Bait - Heated Fishing Dock -From Elkton Highway 83 to south R B West In Hickory County.

Bolivar Access - Boat Ramp -From Elkton Highway 83 South to West 83 -53. In Polk County.

Pittsburg State Park -Boat Ramp - Bait - Highway 64 North to West on J to South on 249. In Hickory County.

Pittsburg Landing - Boat Ramp - Highway 64 North To R A East. In Hickory County.

Nemo Landing - Boat Ramp - Bait - From Pittsburg Highway 64 North to 64/D North East. In Hickory County.

Hermitage State Park - Boat Ramp - From Hermitage Take State Highway 254 South to 64 South. In Hickory County.


Lake Tanneycomo

2,080 acres - Rainbow and Brown Trout - Impounded 1918, Cold water lake, stretches 22miles long,

The first of Missouri's major man-made lakes. Impounded in 1913, It stretches, river like, for 22 miles between Table Rock and Bull Shoals lakes. The 2,080 acres of cold water (discharged from Table Rock) are best-known for their year-round Rainbow and Brown Trout fishing. Lake Taneycomo has the characteristics of both a river and a lake for anglers to enjoy. The shallow colder water, at Lake Taneycomo Mile Marker 22, located adjacent to the Junction of State Highways 165 and 265 near the Table Rock Dam, average 48 degrees F, resembles a river and permits wading and bank fishing for trout. The average temperature of the water gets warmer and the depth of the Lake deepens to depths in excess of 50 feet near Lake Taneycomo Mile Marker 1 and the Power Site Dam in Forsyth. When Table Rock Dam is generating power its current is very strong throughout its whole length, its water temperature drops, and for all practical purposes it becomes a very deep, cold, fast running river. Exactly how deep, cold, and fast depends on how many generators are being used to generate electricity at Table Rock Dam. Warning: When fishing near the Table Rock Dam from the Bank or particularly when wading pay attention to the horn when it blows. This is a warning indicating that they are going to start generating power. This will cause a sudden increase in the speed of the current and depth of the water. The water can rise feet in a matter of minutes.

Public Access

Branson City Campgrounds - Boat Launching - North End in Historic downtown Branson

Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery Access - Boat Launching - On State Route 165 between the Lawrence Welk Center and the Junction of State Route 265. Enter for the Hatchery and follow the signs to the Launching Ramp



Long Branch Lake

2,430 acres - Catfish, bass, crappie, walleye - Impounded 1980, hills

Impounded in 1980, this 2,429-acre lake, with 24.2 mile of shoreline in North-central Missouri. This Lake is noted for Bass, Catfish, Crappie and Walleye fishing. Recreational facilities are concentrated at Long Branch State Park, where there's a marina, campgrounds, swimming beach and more. Lodging and other services are close by at Atlanta, Bevier and Macon, in Macon County. The Corps of Engineers operates a visitor center at the dam. Hills surround the lake, providing a scenic setting for hunting, hiking and sightseeing. Missouri Department of Conservation Manages nearly 4,500 acres of state public lands around the upper end of Long Branch.

Public Access

Long Branch State Park (Bloomington Area)- Boat Ramp - From Bevier Take Highway O to Hickory St. East - to Ironwood Ave. North To park entrance in Macon County.

Long Branch State Park (Bee Trace Area) - Boat Ramp - From Atlanta Take Marion St. West To Jupiter Ave. South. in Macon County

Long Branch State Park (Macon Area) - Boat Ramp - From Macon take Highway 63 North to Lake Street West to North on Long Branch Road to park entrance. In Macon County


Marktwain Lake

18,600 acres - Bass, crappie - Impounded 1984, 285 miles of shoreline, rolling hills

Missouri's newest reservoir Impounded in 1984. With over 18,600 acres of surface area and 285 miles of shoreline. Mark Twain Lake is the largest lake in Northern Missouri, among rolling hills. The only major lake in Northeast Missouri! If it's fish that you seek Mark Twain Lake is noted for Bass, Crappie & Catfish, also Walleye and Bluegill. Two marinas service the area with boat ramps. Mark Twain State Park has recreation areas plus 450 campsites . The visitor center is located at the Dam . Lodging is available at near by cities of Perry, Monroe City and Paris. This Lake is in the counties of Monroe and Ralls

Public Access

Bluff View Recreation Area -20 car/boat, trailer parking spaces,1 one-lane boat ramp.- From the Town of Center north on Highway H then West on A Highway. This area is at the Re-Regulation Dam Area. In Ralls County. Note: Check for different Fishing Regulations for the Re- Regulation Pool .

Duane S. Wheelan Recreation Area - 1 one-lane boat ramp- From the town of Perry take Highway J North watch for signs. In The Lick Creek In Ralls County.

John Spalding Recreation Area - 195 car/boat trailer parking spaces, 1 four-lane boat ramp,1 two-lane high water ramp,1fish cleaning station - Off J Highway at the Town of Landing in Ralls County

Mark Twain State Park Day Use Areas - 2 four-lane boat ramps; 1 one-lane boat ramp - Highway 107 and Highway U in the Town of Florida Missouri in Monroe County

Robert Allen Recreation Area - 160 car/boat trailer parking spaces,1 four-lane boat ramp,1 two-lane high-water ramp. Highway 154 to B B Highway in Monroe County.

South Fork Recreation Area - 1 four-lane boat ramp, 120 car/boat trailer parking spaces. Off Highway 154 west of highway 107. In Monroe County.

Stoutsville Recreation Area - 1 four-lane boatramp,1two-lane high water ramp 145 car/boat trailer parking spaces 1fish cleaning station. Off High 107 Northwest of State Park Group Camp. In Monroe County.

Warren G. See Spillway Recreation Area - 100 car/boat trailer parking spaces,1 two-lane boat ramp. Off Highway J at Clarence Cannon Dam. In Ralls County. Note: Check for different Fishing Regulations for the Re- Regulation Pool .


Norfork Lake

22,000 acres - Bass, Crappie, Catfish - Completed 1944, 550 miles of shoreline, 2,000 acres in Missouri

Impounded in 1944, this 22,000-acre lake, with 550 miles of shore lines. This lake offers excellent fishing for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Catfish, Crappie, and Walleye. Winter fishing for black bass and spring fishing for white bass during their annual spawning run are especially popular at Norfork. Most of Norfork lake is in Arkansas, with the northern end extending into Missouri, fed by the North Fork River and Bryant Creek, two canoeing gems. The Missouri portion of the lake is about 2,000 acres. There are 20 parks around the lake with Campsites, amid hardwood and pine forests. Lodging and other services can be found in Tecumseh , Udall and nearby Gainesville .In Ozark County Missouri

Public Access

Norfork Lake Tecumseh Park - 1 Boat Ramp Located at Tecumseh MO. In Ozark County MO.

Norfork Lake Udall Park - 1 Boat Ramp- From Udall, 1.5 miles west on State Road O, then 0.7 miles on access road. In Ozark County MO.


Smithville Lake

7,200 acres - Bass, walleye, crappie, catfish - Impounded 1979, 175 mile of shoreline, Hills & grasslands

Impounded 1979 by the Army Corps of Engineers with 7,910 acres of water surface and 175 miles of shore line. More than 4,000 acres were left UN-cleared to help provide excellent fishing on the lake for many years to come. The lake has a lot of species of game fish including Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Blue catfish, Flathead Catfish, Bluegill, Tiger Muskie, Walleye and Crappie. The Missouri Department of Conservation manages the Lake. The average number of bass tournaments held annually on Smithville Lake is 300. The lake has boat ramps, camping facilities and two full service marinas. Lodging Is available near by Smithville. In Clay And Clinton Counties of

Public Access

Little Plate - Boat Ramp - Marina - Dock - From Smithville take Highway 169 north to Park Entrance. In Clay County.

Crows Creek - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - Courtesy Dock - From Smithville take Highway 92 East then Highway E to park entrance. In Clay County.

Camp Branch - Boat Ramp - Marina - Courtesy Dock - From Smithville take Highway 92 East to North on E to Camp Branch Road to entrance. In Clay County.

Stockton Lake

24,900 acres - Bass, white bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, walleye - Impounded 1972, 298 miles of shoreline, Crystal clear water, Rolling forested hills

Completed in 1969 and Located in Missouri's Ozarks. Stockton Lake is a 24,900 acre Lake with 298 miles of shorelines. Stockton Lake is noted for year round fishing for Black Bass, White Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Catfish and Walleye. This is a Corps of Engineers Lake, with 12 recreation areas dotting Stockton Lake you will easily find an outlet for any outdoors interest you may have. The Missouri Department of Conservation manages the public lands surrounding the lake. Stockton Lake is also a natural for sailing, impressing expert as well as novice sailors for its crystal clear water, excellent facilities and predictable winds. Stockton Lake's motels and resorts are locally owned and operated. Most of the Lake's 14 recreation areas offer camping as well as other facilities to make your stay enjoyable. The surrounding Communities are Stockton, Arcola, Greenfield, Dadeville, Bona, Crane Hill and Fair Play. Stockton Lake stretches through the Counties Cedar, Dade and Polk Counties.

Public Access

Stockton - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - At The City Of Stockton in Cedar County.

Orleans Trail - Boat Ramp - South of Stockton In Cedar County.

Orleans Trail Marina - Boat Ramp - South of Stockton in Cedar County.

Hawker Point - Boat Ramp - From Stockton go South on Highway 39 then east on Highway H To entrance, in Cedar County.

Ruark Bluff - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - From the Town of Greenfield North on Highway 39 then East on Highway CC then North on Highway H to entrance, in Dade County.

Greenfield Access - Boat Ramp - From Greenfield go East on Highway 160 to North on Highway CC to entrance, in Dade County.

Mutton Creek - Boat Ramp - From the Town of Bona go West on highway Y to entrance, in Dade County. Mutton Creek Marina - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - From the Town of Bona go West on highway Y to entrance, in Dade County.

Stockton State Park - Boat Ramp - From The City of Stockton go South on Highway 39 then south East on Highway 215 to entrance, in Cedar County.

Stockton State Park Marina - Boat Ramp - From The City of Stockton go South on Highway 39 then South East on Highway 215 to entrance, in Cedar County.

Cedar Ridge - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - From The City of Stockton go East on Highway 32 then go South On Highway 245 to Entrance, In Cedar & Dade Counties.

High Point Access - Boat Ramp - From the Town Of Aldrich go North On Highway 123 then go East on Highway VV to entrance road, in Dade County.

Masters - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - From the City Of Stockton take Highway 32 East to Highway H To Entrance Road. In Cedar County.

Crabtree Cove - Boat Ramp - Fishing Dock - From the City Stockton Take Highway 32 East to Entrance Road in Cedar County.


Table Rock Lake

43,000 acres - Bass, Walleye - Impounded 1959,Clear & deep, 745 miles of shoreline

Completed in 1959 with its 43,100 acres and 745 miles of shore line. Table Rock is noted for Bass and Walleye fishing also Kentucky (spotted bass), White Bass, Small Mouth, White Crappie, Black Crappie, Catfish, and Paddlefish. The lake has both clear & deep water up to 220 ft.; This Lake located in Southwest-Missouri it is on the White River Chain of Lakes. Surrounded by both natural beauty and manmade attractions especially good for boating, skiing, swimming and fishing, and draws more scuba divers than any other Missouri lake. Boaters have 19 marinas, and there are 125 motels and resorts with direct access to the water. Lodging and attractions are found at Branson, Kimberling City, Shell Knob, Lampe, Lakeview and Indian Point. There are several major arms of Table Rock Lake- James River and Flat Creek coming from the north and the Springfield watershed and the White and Kings Rivers from the south- Fayetteville, Arkansas watershed. And then there's the Long Creek arm, also in the south but entering on the eastern side and the Harrison, Arkansas watershed. Campsites are plentiful, with 17 Army Corps of Engineers public-use areas, national forest lands and a state park.

Thomas Hill Lake

Thomas Hill Conservation Area is in Macon and Randolph counties, ten miles northwest of Moberly and ten miles southwest of Macon. Highway C provides access to the east side of the area and Highway 3 to the west side. Both highways run north/south between U.S. 36 and highway 24 The Thomas Hill Conservation Area property is owned by Associated Electric Cooperative of Springfield and managed by the Conservation Department under a multi-year lease. The area consists of a 4,950-acre Thomas Hill Lake, surrounded by 5,550 acres of land, approximately 60 percent open and 40 percent forested. The area has 5.8 miles of stream frontage on the Middle Fork of the Little Chariton, Stinking Creek and the north and south forks of Clay.

Public Access

Highway 3 Access - Boat Ramp - From the Town of Moberly Take Inter-State Highway 24 West Approx.10 Miles To North On Highway 3 past dam for access road In Randolph County.

Warm Water Arm Access - Boat Ramp - From the Town of Moberly Take Inter-State Highway 24 West Approx.10 Miles to North Highway C then Highway F West to Road 11 to entrance, In Randolph County Main Arm Access -2 Boat Ramps- From From the Town of Moberly Take Inter-State Highway 24 West Approx.10 Take Highway C North then West On Highway T to entrance, In Macon County

Truman Resevoir

55,600 acres - Crappie, bass - Completed 1979, 958 miles of shoreline, 2nd largest of Missouri Lakes 9,000 acres of standing timber

The spillway gates were closed in 1979 for this 55,600-acre lake in Missouri. With 958 miles of shoreline, it ranks second largest and one of the areas most popular. This lake has 8,800 acres of standing timber to provide great fishing for Bass and Crappie, which brought this lake fame. This Lake hosts numerous tournaments. Just a note when operating a boat on this lake be very cautious for submerged logs and fences. Visitor will enjoy a state park and a Corps visitor center at the dam. The areas offer beaches, boat ramps campgrounds and marinas. There are many family resorts that provide access to the water. More lodging, dining, shopping and services are in nearby Clinton, Osceola, Warsaw, Windsor, and other towns. Surrounded by rugged hills, bluffs and forests, Truman is truly a scenic lake. This Lake stretches through the counties of Henry, Benton and St. Clair.

Public Access

Berry Bend - Boat Launching - approximately 10 miles east of Warsaw, Missouri. From Z Highway, travel approximately 2 miles south on the Berry Bend Access Road. In St. Clair County.

Buck Saw - Boat Launching - Marina - Highway 7 To Highway U. In Henry County

Cooper Creek - Boat Launching - Highway 52 at the town of Deep Water. In Henry County.

Crowe's Crossing - Boat Launching - At Highway 13 & Highway B near Osceola In St. Clair County.

Fairfield - Boat Launching - Take Highway 83 North to K Highway. In Benton County.

Harry S Truman State Park - Boat Launching - Marina - from Warsaw Take Highway 7 west to north on U U Highway. In Benton County.

Long Shoal - Boat Launching - Marina - From Clinton Missouri take Highway V South to Highway C East to highway PP South to highway 7 West. In Benton County.

Osage Bluff - Boat Launching - Marina - Take the White Branch Exit off Hwy 65 to 83 South. Go approximately 4 miles & turn right at the Osage Bluff Use Area sign. In Benton County.

Sterett Creek - Boat Launching - Marina -3 miles North of Warsaw Missouri on Hwy 65. In Benton County.

Sparrow Foot - Boat launching - From Clinton take Highway 13 then east on T Highway In Henry County.

Shawnee Bend - Boat Launching - West of the Dam on Highway MM. In Benton County. T

hibaut Point - Boat launching - Highway 65 North to west on T Highway in Benton County.

Talley Bend - Boat Launching - Highway 82 to Highway U to Highway Z Z to Highway C. In St. Clair County.

Windsor Crossing - Boat Launching - Highway 7 North West to North on P P Highway. In Henry County.

Wappappello Lake

8,400 acres - Crappie, bass, catfish - Impounded 1941,Fairly shallow,

Completed in 1941, this lake has 8,400 acres of water at its recreation pool (late spring to late fall) for all sorts of Fishing. Although fairly shallow, it has become a favorite among visitors to southeast Missouri. Noted for Crappie fishing, Bass fishing and Cat fishing. Unspoiled beauty and numerous recreational activities are available in this area. A great amount of public land surrounds the lake, extending into the nearby Mark Twain National Forest. Campgrounds and marinas are numerous at the Army Corps public-use areas. Wappapello State Park and Sam A. Baker State Park offer camping as well as cabins, and Corps concessionaires also provide lodging. Additional visitor services are in Poplar Bluff, just south and lakeside communities such as Wappapello and Greenville in the Counties Of Wayne and Butler. There are three national hiking trails, plus the Trail at Greenville and 12 miles of the Ozark Trail.

Public Access

Peoples Creek Recreation Area - Boat Ramp - Marina - Courtesy Dock - Fishing Pier- From Popular Bluff take Highway T North To Entrance, in Wayne County.

Spillway Recreation Area - Boat Ramp - From Popular Bluff take Highway T North To Entrance, in Wayne County.

Redman Creek Recreation Area - Boat Ramp - Courtesy Dock - From Popular Bluff take Highway T North To Entrance, in Butler County.

Rockwood Point Recreation Area - Boat Ramp - Courtesy Dock- From Popular Bluff take Highway T North then R A To Entrance, in Butler County.

Lake Wappapello State Park - Boat Ramp - From the Town of Greenville take Highway 67 south to Highway 172 to park entrance, in Wayne County

Chaonia Landing Recreation Area - Marina - Boat Ramp - Courtesy Doc k- From Popular Bluff take Highway W North To entrance, in Wayne County.

Greenville Recreation Area - Boat Ramp - Courtesy Dock - From The Town of Greenville take Highway 67 South to entrance. In Wayne County.

Sulphur Springs - Boat Ramp - From The Town of Greenville take Highway 67 South to Highway D to entrance, In Wayne County.

Lost Creek Landing - Boat Ramp - From The Town of Greenville take Highway 67 South to Highway D then County Road 523 to entrance, In Wayne County.

Possum Creek - Boat Ramp - From Poplar Bluff take Highway T to Highway D to County Road 521 to entrance, in Wayne County

Holiday Landing - Marina - Boat Ramp - From Greenville take Highway 67 South To County Road 543 to entrance, in Wayne County

Lost Creek Lodge - Marina - Boat Ramp - From The Town of Greenville take Highway 67 South to Highway D to County Road 523 to entrance, In Wayne County.