Palomar Knot

The Palomar is the best one that I have found that is quick and easy to tie rather it be at night or during the day. Works great on my 50, 65 and 80 pound Power Pro as the line will break before the knot will come untied. Our Team Captain Willie was a stickler for knots and once told me that If I loose a fish due to a knot coming undone, He would throw me in. Even to this day, I still believe he would although the moral was for me to be extra picky about my knots, rigs and presentation of the baits. That extra touch will pay off in the long run.

You can use the Palomar for your rigs as you have to think different now in tying them. You tie your rig up first starting with the hook. Then determine how much line you want on the rig tying on your swivel. Then put your weight on the main line and or bead then Palomar on your rig. This takes abit to get used to using this system. Practice with a few rigs that are 6 inches to get the hang of it as you have to make the loop bigger for the hook to come through with the swivel knot. The practice comes in handy as you will then have to take into effect the size of your knot will depend on when you tie it down the extra line syndrome. This is back wards as most will put the weight and bead on then tie the swivel to the main line. Then the leader part as you will not be able to tie a Palomar to the swivel since you would have to run your pole and all through the knot.. The other way solves that problem. The main reason I do this is you will have solid knots that are the same and no excuses for any of them to come loose.